Building an effective marketing process is vital to the success of any micro-business.  But, it is not easy!

How do you make sure there is a real demand for what you are selling?  How do you get results from your marketing efforts?  And how do you avoid wasting money?

Marketing-for-Micros addresses these key issues by:

  • Identifying the key marketing gaps and challenges to be addressed
  • Developing methods and approaches to optimise demand, competitiveness and efficiency of the processes used to win and retain customers
  • Puts in place the key metrics used to measure and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing processes.

The service ensures that your marketing process is matched to your needs; it avoids the risk of making expensive mistakes; and it makes sure that things get done!

It consists of:

Delivered free and with no obligation, the assessment is our start-point.

  • It consists of a detailed fact-finding process and a comprehensive assessment report that
  • Identifies the key gaps in your marketing processes and the challenges to be addressed
  • Enables you to evaluate the service in detail and without risk.
    Provides the quality of information necessary to determine the specific support you need.

The process is designed to make you think, as scores of owner-managers will testify!  It provides a rare opportunity to step back and reflect.

Get in touch if you would like more information or to see a sample assessment report.